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Are you looking for music theory lessons in Parramatta?

You have come to the right place! Here are just some of the comprehensive music theory lessons available in my Parramatta studio:theory lessons in parramatta

  • Music theory for beginners
  • Basic to advanced piano theory
  • AMEB Theory Exams and Musicianship Exams preparation for Preliminary to Grade 7
  • Aural training
  • Sight reading of music
  • Composition techniques
  • Music history – Learn about the composers and the stylistic features of the different periods of music, and how it applies to our performance of piano music today
  • HSC Music – Assessment and HSC Music exam tutoring

While music theory is taught as part of every piano lesson, students wishing to extend their knowledge or prepare for exams can also take dedicated music theory lessons.

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Music theory is taught in every piano lesson

Music theory and music reading are taught each week as part of your regular piano lessons.

Theory skills are consistently taught through a variety of musical games, writing music, singing, and performing, allowing each student to grow steadily in their understanding of music as they develop as a pianist.

Understanding music theory is the basis of musical literacy

Learning music theory is the basis of understanding how to read music and decode the symbols on sheet music, which opens up a much deeper understanding of music. It gives you the freedom to learn to play any piece of piano music you choose from the sheet music.

Developing the skill of reading music is like anything – it takes regular practice to become part of your foundation of musical skills.

In piano lessons, music theory and musicianship concepts are explained in relation to the piano, and cover topics such as:

piano theory lessons in parramatta

  • Rhythm – Note and rest values, time signatures, counting, writing rhythms
  • Pitch – Treble and bass clef notes
  • Keys – Accidentals, key signatures, scales
  • Melody – Understanding and writing melodies, setting words to music
  • Harmony – Chords, accompaniments
  • Form – Structure of the music
  • Signs and terms
  • Other instruments – orchestral instruments and band instruments
  • Composing piano music
  • Ear training
  • The development of the piano and piano music throughout history
  • Learning about the different composers and periods of music and how their stylistic features applies to the music you are learning in your lessons

Students can also choose to take dedicated music theory lessons for expert tutoring in:

  • AMEB Music Theory Exam and Musicianship Exam preparation for Preliminary to Grade 7
  • Composition techniques
  • Aural and viva voce training
  • Music analysis
  • Music history – Learn about the development of musical instruments and musical forms, get to know the influential composers and music that has transformed the world we live in, and discover the various periods in the history of music and how they influence our music today
  • HSC Music Assessment Tasks and HSC Music Exam tutoring

So whether you’re looking for beginner music theory lessons in Parramatta or you wish to gain an advanced understanding of music theory concepts and theory exam preparation, give me a call!

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