Piano Lessons For Beginners Sydney

Are you thinking about beginner piano lessons for your child?

As a Sydney piano teacher, I often get asked about this. Here are some of the questions people ask me about starting piano lessons as a beginner, and my answers:

How do you know your child is ready to begin piano lessons?

They may show an interest in singing, exploring the sounds of an instrument, or tapping along with the music. They may enjoy listening to music. They may ask to start lessons.

Your expectations – How long will it take to become good at piano?

I can’t answer that – every person is different! All piano students take several years to become proficient. Just how many years varies widely.

How good do they want to become as a pianist?

  • To be able to play standard sheet music for pleasure? (approximately grades 4-5)
  • To be able to play the classics? (approximately grade 6 onwards)
  • To complete all their grades? (up to grade 8)
  • To become a concert pianist or famous musician? (beyond grade 8!)

How do we measure “good”? Even a simple piano piece played well can be a joy to play and a joy to hear. Piano is a great instrument, as we can play satisfying tunes in the very early stages.

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How fast will they progress?

It will depend on a number of factors:

Regular piano practice

Most importantly, practice is the key to success! It must be regular. At first, short practices are sufficient (a few minutes each day). As they progress and their pieces become longer and more difficult, they will need to practice for longer.

You can read my top Piano Practice Tips here!

Regular piano lessons

Weekly lessons are preferable. If students miss too many lessons it affects their progress and their motivation, especially with children.

Having a good piano for beginners

If the sound of the instrument is appealing, it will be more enjoyable to play. If there is a piano at home, make sure it is tuned regularly by a professional.


If you’re not sure if your child will like piano and continue, or if you are short of space, it may be more practical to purchase a keyboard. Be prepared to upgrade to an acoustic piano, or to a better acoustic piano, or to an 88-key electric piano as they progress.

My preference is for acoustic pianos, even for beginners, as it helps them develop stronger fingers and hands, and they develop an ear for quality tone when they are listening to a good quality instrument right from the very first lessons.

Previous exposure to music

Singing, dancing, simple percussion and listening to music are all important ways to introduce young children to music in a fun way. The melodies and harmonies on a piano will be familiar to them.

Knowledge of another instrument

If they have had formal lessons on an instrument before (even recorder – don’t underestimate it!), they will progress quicker than if they have not had lessons before.

Musical talent or ability

Some people have a natural talent for music. Those who are talented will race ahead after a few lessons. Others have to work harder, but most students can become proficient over time with regular practice.

Music book choice

Piano books for young beginners give more examples of a concept, so the child will take a bit longer to reach the same level with their piano playing as an older beginner whose books move faster. Adult beginner books move at an even faster pace.

Having a good piano teacher!

At my Sydney piano studio, I know that each student is unique – no two students are the same. I tailor the lessons to suit their individual needs which gives each student the opportunity to achieve their best.

Beginners can get off to a great start with their piano lessons as long as they have a good instrument, they practice often and attend regular lessons with an experienced teacher.

If you would like your child to take beginner piano lessons in Sydney with a qualified, dedicated teacher, contact me here or give me a call on 0425 275 588!

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