Piano Lessons For Kids

Piano Lessons in Parramatta provide quality music lessons for children of all ages.


With an established, experienced private piano teacher for kids, you can be confident your child will love learning music in this warm, friendly environment.

Finding engaging piano lessons for children is so important!

One-on-one piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced music students with Elizabeth Myers foster enjoyment and interest in learning the piano for each student.

With excellence in piano technique, music reading skills, and music theory, your child will learn how to play piano like a pro and grow in their love of music!

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Here are some of the things your child will gain through their piano lessons:

  • Develop as a confident and enthusiastic pianist
  • Advanced piano students and beginners alike are inspired and motivated
  • Learn a wide variety of music in classical and popular styles
  • Grow their music reading skills right from their very first beginner piano lessons
  • Understand music theory
  • Be a star in studio concerts
  • Prepare for AMEB exams – piano and written exams (optional!)
  • Have fun and enjoy playing the piano for the rest of their life
  • Develop a greater appreciation and understanding of music
  • Build confidence in playing piano and performing for others
  • The gift of music is a valuable gift you can give your child through piano lessons while they are young

How do I choose the Best Piano Teacher for my child?

Give a few piano teachers near me a call, and have a chat! You will get a good feel for the various teachers, and you are likely to get a good idea of who will be the best piano teacher for your child.

Things to consider:

  • Are they an independent private piano teacher for kids, or employed by a music school?
  • Do they run their own piano studio, teaching beginners AND advanced piano lessons?
  • How long have they been teaching piano lessons?
  • Are they qualified and experienced as a piano teacher for children?
  • Are the lessons one-on-one private piano lessons or group keyboard lessons?
  • What age does the teacher begin teaching piano to kids?
  • Do they run regular studio concerts or provide other opportunities for their students to perform?
  • How do they teach children good technique in their piano lessons?
  • Do they teach music theory as part of their regular children’s piano lessons?
  • If taking exams is important for you, then you need to make sure your teacher can prepare students for success in piano and written music exams.
  • Are their students encouraged and motivated to practice regularly?
  • Do their expectations of how much to practice each day match your child’s available time?

If you’re looking for the best piano teacher in Parramatta for your child, click here to learn about Elizabeth Myers (A.Mus.A, B.Mus.Ed.)

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What age should kids start piano lessons?

piano lessons for kids near meIn my studio, I like to start piano lessons for 7 year old children.

By the age of 7 years, children already have strong fine motor skills and are developing their reading and writing skills at school.

Fine motor skills gives children control of their arms, hands and fingers, which of course are essential for playing piano. Reading and writing skills enables students to read music and learn music theory right from the start as they learn to play the piano.

You can read more about what age to start piano lessons here.

Do piano lessons for kids include learning music theory?

Yes, they do! Music theory is the foundations of music literacy, and is needed to help kids read music.

Will my child learn to read music?

Absolutely! Reading music is an essential skill – it is musical literacy.

Along with sight reading skills, kids need to know music theory and musicianship to be able to successfully read music and grow their understanding of how to play piano.

It is also important that kids learn to listen to their music, and play with a musical touch, so that they play piano both with an understanding of reading music and the ability to hear and express the nuances of musicality of their performance.

Reading music is an essential part of learning to play piano, and Elizabeth teaches piano lessons for kids with a good balance of music reading, understanding theory and musicianship, and aural skills.

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Learning piano online vs private piano lessons – What’s best for kids?

piano lessons for kids parramattaOf course in theory, your child could learn anything online, but in my experience, having a private piano teacher will give kids much greater success in their progress. Weekly lessons with a quality piano teacher for children provide valuable feedback about their progress and also help them by setting regular goals.

In addition to this, online piano lessons don’t always teach great technique, and even if they do, many students miss this essential information. Developing a strong hand technique right from the first piano lessons gives a much better foundation on which to build their piano skills. This can be achieved most effectively through one-on-one private piano lessons for children.

What to expect from the first piano lessons for kids?

The first few piano lessons for beginners include things like:

  • Keyboard orientation – Getting to know the piano notes
  • Learning some finger exercises to start to strengthen their fingers
  • Introduction to reading music
  • Starting to play their first tunes on the piano (So exciting!)

At first, progress may seem a little slow, because there is a lot to learn, but regular practice at home will certainly speed up this early stage of learning.

As kids achieve success with each little thing in music lessons, from gaining control of their fingers, to being able to play their first tunes, your support and encouragement as parents is vital, and will make all the difference in their enthusiasm through these early stages of learning to play piano!

Are there any music books my child will need to bring to their piano lessons?

Every piano student needs music and a notebook for their music lessons. I will let you know what music books your child needs once we establish what they will be learning.

How much piano practice should my child be doing at home?

piano lessons for kids parramatta

Like any skill they are developing, kids need to be practicing the piano very regularly. The greatest success is achieved with daily practice, for the same length of time your child has for their lessons.

For example: A student who has 30 minute piano lessons should aim to practice piano at home for 30 minutes each day. This can be broken up into smaller blocks of time throughout the day until they develop their focus and concentration if needed.

Of course, there are times in a child’s life when this isn’t possible, but if the expectation is for daily piano practice, then they are more likely to achieve this and therefore make progress, which further motivates them …

Students who experience success through regular piano practice tend to stay far more motivated and therefore tend to enjoy their practice more – it’s the circle of success!

Here are some helpful Piano Practice Tips.

Piano Teacher for kids in Parramatta and surrounding suburbs

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Piano lessons for kids can be such a valuable addition to your child’s education and give them wonderful life skills! Learning piano with a passionate, dedicated one-on-one piano teacher in Parramatta will give your child the best start to their music lessons!

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