Piano Lessons For Adults

Adults, would you love to learn the piano?

If you’ve always wanted to take piano lessons, then start now! You’re never too old to learn to play an instrument.

Learning piano is a great way to develop your mind and keep your brain young. It’s enjoyable and the effort to learn music is worth it, because you are creating a life skill that you can still use and enjoy as you grow older. Playing the piano is a wonderful life skill!

Piano lessons for adult beginners, intermediate or advanced players

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Piano lessons for adults in Parramatta are one-on-one lessons with an experienced teacher, and are tailored to your interests and skill levels.

Complete beginners, through to those who wish to refresh their piano skills – all adult learners are welcomed, and you will enjoy discovering (or rediscovering) how to play the piano!

If you looking for classical piano lessons, rock piano lessons or piano lessons focussing on your favourite songs, you will find your piano tuition will be rewarding.

Call to book your piano lessons for adults on 0499 500 294

Qualified and experienced piano teacher

Elizabeth Myers is a well qualified piano teacher, holding an A.Mus.A (AMEB) and a B.Mus.Ed (Sydney Conservatorium). She also has a wealth of experience with over 25 years in teaching private piano lessons.

She is highly experienced in teaching piano lessons for adult beginners but is also experienced in working with advanced musicians. And of course, teaching adult piano lessons is something she loves to do!

Am I too old to learn piano?

You are never too old to learn to play piano!

As an adult, you have the great advantage that you know that you really want to learn piano. You have the ability to focus on your piano practice, and you know that skills build through consistent practice. The great thing is that you can also use time playing the piano as down-time to relax and enjoy your music.

How long have you been wishing you could play the piano? I have met many adults who wish they could play piano but don’t do anything about it. Don’t be one of them any longer!

The best advice I can give you is to start learning piano today, because in a year’s time you will be glad you did!

Adults, don’t delay … start your piano lessons today! Call Elizabeth on 0499 500 294

“I used to learn piano when I was a young. I would love to be able to play now.”piano lessons for adults baulkham hills

If you have learned the piano before, and you would love to take lessons again, Go For It! There’s no time like the present!

You might be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you remember how to play the piano … and you will certainly enjoy learning new skills and growing a repertoire of piano music you love to play.

What is the best way for adults to learn piano?

The best way to learn to play the piano is to have weekly lessons with an experienced piano teacher.

Weekly piano lessons in Parramatta gives you regular feedback and motivation. In our private piano lessons, you can receive timely feedback about your piano performance and learn new piano skills, including one-on-one feedback to help you refine your developing piano technique.

It’s also a great opportunity to refine your sight reading skills and strengthen your understanding of music theory in our fun and interactive piano lessons. If you wish to play by ear, we can certainly work on developing your musical ear as well!

At home, make sure you listen to piano music regularly and practice the piano often – every day is best! The consistent time playing the piano is the thing that will build your skills the fastest!

This also applies to reading music – the more often your practice the piano using sheet music, the easier reading the notes becomes.

In your piano lessons and practice at home:

  • Learn to play your favourite classical and modern piano music
  • Learn to play your favourite songs on the piano
  • Play piano tunes with chords
  • Play music for your church
  • Understand music theory
  • Develop good sight reading skills
  • Have fun piano music you can share with friends and family
  • Develop strong technique
  • Grow a great love of music!

There is no time like the present! Start your adult piano lessons today! Give me a call, and we can find a time for piano lessons that suit you, and start your journey to being able to play the piano like a pro!

For fun, supportive, encouraging piano lessons for adults in Parramatta …. Call Elizabeth on 0499 500 294 and start now!