What Age To Start Piano Lessons?

best age to learn pianoIn this article, we will discuss what age to start piano lessons for your child.

The best age to start piano lessons depends on your child and on the teacher. Many teachers recommend children start piano lessons around 5 to 7 years old.

In my studio, I find the best age to start piano lessons is around 7 years old.

There are a few reasons for this – By the age of 7 years:

  • Children are already developing good fine motor skills, which are needed for playing the piano
  • They have learned the basics of how to read, which means they have learned to scan a page from left to right in a straight line and make sense of symbols an the page – these are essential skills for reading music
  • They are able to understand written instructions – also needed for reading music
  • They have learned to write, which means they have a good awareness of their hands and are able to coordinate their fingers to achieve complex tasks
  • They have learned to sit still and focus on a task – which they will need for their piano lessons and practice
  • By 6 or 7 years old, most children are able to grasp concepts quicker, so they are able to progress faster than children starting piano lessons at a younger age
  • Chances are they have expressed an interest in learning to play the piano, and will be motivated to practice regularly at home

Primary school age is a wonderful age to start piano lessons

Kids are open to learning new skills when they are at primary school!

At this stage in life, children understand that they need to keep working at each skill to master it. Learning to tie their own shoelaces, read their home readers, master the skill of handwriting, and learning how to play piano are all valuable skills kids learn in their primary school years!

So if you’re wondering what age to start piano lessons for your child, consider their ability to read and write, stay focussed on a task, grasp new concepts, and if they have told you they want to learn piano. A child who is ready and keen to start learning piano will have great success!

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